Innovation Award for L&R

    Awarded by the Austrian Society for Consumer Studies

    Only those companies will be successful in the long run who constantly work on the development of their products and on innovative solutions that are oriented towards the needs of their customers. Therefore, L&R has invested massively in research & development in recent years and built up staff and know-how. Every year, L&R launches around 15 - 20 new products or developments in their product range. The innovative strength behind this at L&R is not only lived out through a corresponding attitude and processes - innovation culture and idea management - but is also very concretely reflected in the worldwide patent applications.

    Since 2020, the ÖGVS, the Austrian Society for Consumer Studies, has been awarding awards to companies that have distinguished themselves with far above-average innovative strength in their segment.

    The objective benchmark or criterion for the ranking is the number of patents granted worldwide.

    Very pleasing for L&R: in 2021, L&R achieved a top-3 ranking in the healthcare sector!

    "We are very proud that we achieved 3rd place in Austria in 2021! This is a very positive signal in terms of our innovative strength. At the end of the day, every new product and every patent is always a team effort - so thank you to all the colleagues involved!"

    Dr. Christian Rohrer, Director RD at L&R

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