Debridement and wound treatment

    Starting 3-step wound therapy with L&R.

    We have always been driven by a desire to innovate, and to develop the best patient-oriented solutions. We don’t think of ourselves as just a medical device manufacturer, but also as a service partner and a solution provider.

    In this role, we offer successful product combinations and many helpful tips for the challenges of specific wound situations.

    • Step 1: Wound bed preparation. Effective and gentle wound bed preparation is the foundation for a successful healing process.
    • Step 2: Wound treatment. Our range of primary and secondary dressings ensures the right kind of treatment for every wound situation.
    • Step 3: Compression. The right pressure is key. Compression therapy is the basis for successful healing.


    The aim of the W.A.R. score is to facilitate a clinically oriented, well-founded risk assessment using concrete patient circumstances. The indication for using local antimicrobial measures is based on consideration of differently weighted risk causes that are calculated using a point system. Multiple entries are possible; the points are added together. With three or more points, local antimicrobial treatment is justified.


    Step 1: Debridement

    The basis for successful wound healing.

    Effective and gentle wound bed preparation is the foundation for a successful healing process: A clean wound bed is generally essential in order for many modern wound products to be effective. With the Debrisoft products Debrisoft and Debrisoft Lolly, debridement can be performed quickly, easily and in a way that is nearly pain-free.

    With this first step in targeted wound management, you can create a clean wound bed while preserving intact tissue, thus eliminating these obstacles to optimal wound healing. Here is a round-up of all of the information about our products:

    Step 2: Wound treatment

    First rate wound management.

    Regardless of whether wounds are large or small, we make it possible for you to provide wound care tailored to the individual patients and their particular wound situations. Because L&R products offer healthcare professionals a comprehensive range of products for all types of wounds and situations. The L&R range of wound care products
    includes wound fillers and wound dressings.

    Our range of primary and secondary dressings are designed to be used together, with the right product for every microbial situation and amount of exudate. This ensures appropriate wound care no matter what the situation. Please visit the product pages for product information such as application videos and case studies:

    Special wound dressings

    From superabsorbent dressings to absorbent activated charcoal dressings, to drainage and tracheo dressings – our special wound dressings satisfy a wide range of requirements for efficient and gentle wound care.

    Our range of wound dressings is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the relevant indication. Learn more about our solutions for traditional wound care:

    Dressings, swabs and packing

    We also offer a comprehensive range of products for exudate absorption, for packing and cleaning wounds, and for padding and bandaging. Our range includes products such as Gazin brand swabs, gauze dressing pads, cotton gauze, and absorbent gauze dressings. The product features are designed to meet a range of needs: sterile, non-sterile, with and without X-ray contrast, different sizes and plies (for dressing pads made from nonwoven and gauze).

    When you choose L&R, you get:

    • a comprehensive range of dressings, swabs and packing
    • high-quality products
    • product features geared toward specific needs
    • user-friendly handling
    • economical pack sizes

    Adhesive and non-adhesive wound dressings

    Some of our solutions in the area of adhesive and non-adhesive wound dressings are among some of the products you as a healthcare professional use day in and day out. Take sterile wound dressings, for example.

    When you choose our comprehensive range, which will support you in treating your patients, you are choosing to get:

    • high-quality products
    • our expertise gained from many years in this industry
    • user-friendly handling
    • economical pack sizes

    An overview of L&R wound dressings:

    Negative pressure therapy

    The use of negative pressure is one of the most innovative approaches to wound care. Over the last few decades this treatment method has become part of routine treatment in hospitals. This type of treatment has now also become routine in outpatient clinics because it can be combined very  effectively with established wound treatment methods already being used for modern wound care.

    Read more!


    Step 3: Compression therapy

    Because the right pressure is key.

    Compression therapy is a routine approach in medicine and patient care and is the foundation for the successful healing of venous leg problems, especially venous leg ulcers. 

    Learn more now.


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