L&R – Success with deep roots

    The L&R Group can look back on 170 years of experience with dressing materials and medical devices – a proud history that is reflected in the quality, outstanding functionality and therapeutic efficacy of our products, concepts, and services.

    The secret of our success throughout our long history has also been our ability to identify changes and trends in healthcare markets early and to integrate them proactively into our business activities.

    1. 01/01/1851

      Julius Lüscher registers a ‘business in material goods’ under the name Julius Lüscher Company in Frankfurt am Main, Germany: The cornerstone for the Lohmann company was laid. 

    2. 01/01/1899

      The Austrian company Rauscher is founded in Vienna, Austria, as a manufacturer and distributor of surgical dressing materials and products for patient care. The company very quickly becomes one of the leading suppliers of dressing materials and hygiene products in the Austro-Hungarian empire. 

    3. 01/01/1900

      New production facilities with around 60 employees are built in Fahr am Rhein (now a district in the city of Neuwied, Germany). This factory becomes the new headquarters for the Lohmann Company. Zinc paste bandages, adhesive dressings, burn bandages and sterile wound dressings are added to the comprehensive range of dressing materials. Successful new dressing material developments receive national and international acclaim.

    4. 01/01/1930

      Cellona, the first ready-for-use fixed plaster of Paris bandage revolutionises and simplifies casting techniques worldwide. The plaster of Paris bandage has been refined and improved over the years and is still considered the state of the art first aid for fractures.

    5. 01/01/1961

      Market launch of Rosidal; a single compression bandage has developed over the years into an entire product family appreciated by customers around the world for its ease of use and high quality.

    6. 01/01/1975

      Rauscher moves to its new headquarters in Vienna, Austria, near Auhof, and this location remains the Group’s headquarters even today.

    7. 01/01/1987

      Market launch of OR set systems, which are known today around the world under the name Kitpack. The pre-assembled OR sets help make prepping for surgery more standardised and economical. Then only available as a pre-assembled set for standard operations, Kitpack can now also be custom assembled.  

    8. 01/01/1988

      Conversion of the former Henkel villa in Rengsdorf, Germany, to the ‘Lohmann College’ for in-house training courses. 

      In 2016, the villa was completely renovated and re-opened as ‘L&R College’.

    9. 01/01/1991

      Head office moves to Rengsdorf, Germany, which today is one of two sites that serves as headquarters for the Group, along with Vienna, Austria.

    10. 01/01/1998

      Successful merger of the German company Lohmann and the Austrian company Rauscher. This merger ultimately gave rise to the high-performing international L&R Group. That the Group has its origins in two companies is still apparent today in its two headquarters, one in Rengsdorf, Germany, and one in Vienna, Austria.

    11. 01/01/2006

      Under the Ratioline brand L&R offers modern healthcare products for family, sport and leisure, which are now available at more than 3,000 pharmacies across Germany.

    12. 01/01/2008

      L&R expands into the medical technology sector with the brand Suprasorb CNP and has since been offering cutting-edge solutions in the area of negative pressure wound therapy.

    13. 01/01/2011

      Wound management revolutionised with the market launch of the monofilament fibre pad Debrisoft, which makes it possible to perform effective, low-pain mechanical debridement in just a few minutes. The product range is expanded in 2015 with the addition of the Debrisoft Lolly for deep wounds.

    14. 01/01/2012

      With L&R Academy, L&R brings all of its extensive training and educational offerings under one roof. Today, internal and external trainers educate customers, partners and employees worldwide.

    15. 01/01/2013

      L&R in China. L&R establishes a wholly owned subsidiary in China. After successfully penetrating the Chinese market with L&R products with the Chinese joint venture Topamed, L&R takes the next step: establishing its own company, L&R China, with offices in Shanghai and Beijing.

    16. 01/01/2014

      L&R continues to grow and buys the American lymphoedema and compression experts Solaris, Inc. L&R USA, Inc. is formed by merging all previous L&R business activities in the American market with Solaris.

    17. 01/01/2016

      L&R is represented for the first time across all regions of the world with the establishment of subsidiaries in both Australia and New Zealand.

    18. 01/01/2017

      British subsidiary Activa Healthcare, which has been a part of the L&R Group for more eight years, becomes L&R Medical UK Ltd.

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