Suprasorb® CNP EasyDress Fixateur Externe

    For negative pressure therapy on extremities with external fixator

    EasyDress Fixateur Externe is used to create a simple, fast and reliable seal in negative pressure therapy. It adds a 4th dimension to the tried and tested EasyDress sizes S, M and L.

    EasyDress Fixateur Externe is 1.20 metres long and has a circumference of 1.50 metres. This size can be used universally on extremities that are treated with different types of external fixator. The EasyDress principle "pull over, secure, all set!" remains the same.

    EasyDress Fixateur Externe allows for negative pressure therapy on extremities treated with an external fixator where it would not otherwise be possible.

    The advantages at a glance

    • a simple, quick and reliable seal
    • allows for negative pressure therapy where it might not have been possible before
    • offers protection from germs

    Ordering information

    Suprasorb CNP EasyDress Fixateur Externe

    individually packed and sterile
    SizeCircumference 1 (cm)Length 2 (cm)Retention strips, 10 x 12 cm (pcs.)REFSC/TC
    One Size1501206349055/30

    Fields of application

    • NPWT secondary dressing for extremities with external fixator


    • easy: to pull on and secure
    • fast: little time required to remove
    • universal: suitable for use on wound sites on extremities that are being treated with an external fixator
    • skin-friendly: due to the non-adhesive, water vapour-permeable material


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