Tell us: our whistleblowing system at L&R

    L&R as a company is committed to compliance with the applicable laws. This also includes, of course, all L&R internal regulations. It is only by complying with regulations, standards and laws that we can avoid damage to our company and achieve continued success.

    Compliance with laws and regulations is therefore essential for L&R. It is important that any non-compliance is detected early.

    It is with this in mind that we have developed our whistleblowing system at L&R that allows employees and external personnel to report any compliance violations. You can either give your name or remain anonymous when reporting a violation. 


    What is meant by a compliance violation?

    Examples of compliance violations are misappropriation, theft, corruption, sexual harassment, discrimination (for example, based on gender) and also any actions contrary to medical device legislation.


    How can I report a compliance violation?

    There are four ways in which you can contact Compliance Management or Compliance Offices. You can report a compliance violation in person, by letter, by email or electronically, using the attached contact form. (see “To note”/”Downloads” on the right). A list of the Compliance Officers who can be contacted locally at the different L&R sites to report a compliance violation can also be found here.


    What is the CORRECT way to report a compliance violation?

    To enable us to process and investigate your report appropriately, it is important that you report a compliance violation as fully and detailed as possible.

    When reporting a compliance violation, please bear the following five questions in mind:

    Who? What? When? How? Where?

    Please ensure that your report can also be understood by a non-specialist. In this respect, it would be helpful if you are available for any further questions.

    You can also make a report anonymously without giving your name. In this case, you can send the report form either electronically or by post. Please bear in mind that in the case of an anonymous report we are unable to ask any follow-up questions to clarify and obtain information.

    L&R guarantees to protect your identity as the person reporting the compliance violation as required by law. L&R will check and follow-up the report and, where applicable, take the necessary measures to address the non-compliance.


    What happens once I make my report?

    Once the report is received, we will carry out an initial internal risk-based assessment to evalulate its relevance. As part of the investigation, and after an initial plausibility assessment, the person involved will immediately be given the opportunity to respond. The person involved will be assumed to be innocent until proven otherwise.



    Please appreciate that we are unable to accept, process and forward any customer concerns via our whistleblowing system. Our colleagues in Customer Care will gladly check any concerns you may have. You can contact them here.

    To note 

    Please send your report either

    • via a contact form
    • or by email to: or by email to your local Compliance Officer
    • or by letter to your local Compliance Officer or to the Corporate Compliance Officer, Dr Wolfgang Stahl, Westerwaldstraße 4,
      56579 Rengsdorf, Germany
    • or contact your local Compliance Officer or Dr Wolfgang Stahl (tel: +49 2634 996648) by telephone or in person

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