Suprasorb® CNP EasyDress

    3D innovation for negative pressure therapy on the extremities

    3D innovation for negative pressure therapy on the extremities

    Your advantages at a glance:

    Pull over – secure – start therapy. That’s how easy Suprasorb CNP EasyDress is. Thanks to the 3D design and the flexible special material, the negative pressure dressing becomes airtight considerably more quickly than conventional adhesive methods. This translates to time-savings of up to 90%.60)

    EasyDress can be readily applied without assistance. It is available in different sizes and can be cut to the required length - ensuring excellent adaptation to the different anatomies of the upper and lower extremities. It can also be used to treat even difficult-to-reach wound sites.

    • dressings can be applied up to 90% more quickly60)
    • seals off wounds on extremities simply and reliably
    • high wearing comfort promotes patient compliance

    92% of users would use EasyDress again without hesitation

    The summary of the results of the user test shows: The comfort and functionality of the product result in significantly better feedback than with the conventional treatment and thus to higher levels of acceptance among users and patients alike.60)

    Ordering information

    Suprasorb CNP EasyDress

    individually packed and sterile
    SizeCircumference 1 (cm)Circumference 2 (cm)Length 3 (cm)Retention strips, 10 x 12 cm (pcs.)REFSC/TC

    Fields of application

    • for use on wound sites on extremities as a secondary dressing as part of negative pressure therapy


    • easy: to pull on and secure
    • fast: little time required to remove
    • universal: suitable for use on wound sites on extremities
    • skin-friendly: due to the non-adhesive, water vapour-permeable material


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    M. Duft, D. Ostapowicz, S. de Lange, K. Grießhammer, M. Abel: Audit on the usability, user and patient satisfaction of tubular bandage, Multi-center international post – marketing clinical study under real conditions.

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