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Corporate Social Sponsoring

L&R connects generations.

The internal L&R Corporate Social Sponsoring (CSS) programme ‘L&R charity – we connect’ was launched in September 2015. With this programme the L&R Group sponsors projects about which its employees are passionate and which strive to connect different generations. These projects also have a connection to L&R products or business activities and are of limited duration. The L&R project patron is assisted in the execution of the project by an outside organisation that is based near an L&R site or carries out the project near an L&R site. Below you will find a description of some of the projects that have been completed successfully since this programme was established: 

Employee Patron Projects 2017

Aim high: up to 3,700 meters in the Indian Himalayas

In collaboration with the charity Förderverein Sani Zanskar e. V. and Aachen University Hospital, a community centre with an independent power supply that is used as a medical clinic and a winter school was built in Sani (India) several years ago. This centre urgently required repairs due to the extreme weather conditions found in this remote village in the Himalayas. With L&R’s support at the instigation of project patron Martin Pohl, some members of the Heimback-Weis scout troop travelled in August 2017 to India and rebuilt the community centre together with other volunteer helpers and residents of Sani.

Help for burn victims

After severe burns, it is not only physical scars that need to be tended to but also emotional ones. Both happen at Camp Samba, which took place in June 2017 near São Paulo (Brazil) and was geared toward children and adolescents aged 7 to 15. In addition to sharing medical information on scar care, there were group therapy sessions on learning how to cope with the psychological consequences of burns. There were also recreational activities that were supervised by adults who also had burns and thus were able to respond optimally to their charges. L&R supported this event thanks to the initiative of project patron Sascha Eichert.

BenefitZ – Wir helfen Kindern e. V.

The charitable group BenefitZ has as its mission to collect funds for projects that benefit of children. The members represent the group at markets and events around Koblenz (Germany) where they sell high-quality hand-made goods such as bags and decorative objects. Due to increasing involvement, it became necessary to purchase industrial sewing machines and racks and transport crates. At the initiative of project patron Ulrich Theis, L&R made these purchases possible in the summer of 2017.

Afternoon cooking classes with eight nations

Project patron Margarete Leimberger has long volunteered in her free time at the afternoon child care programme at the Pedagogical Centre in Purkersdorf (Austria) where children with mental and/or physical disabilities are taught. Currently, children from eight countries study together there, so the idea was suggested to conduct intercultural afternoon cooking classes where siblings, parents and grandparents can all join in. In the spring of 2017, the students and their families enjoyed a wide variety of delicacies typical of each country.

Spend time together, learn from one another

In keeping with this motto, a generational garden was planted at the ‘Rainbow Land’ daycare centre in Niederbreitbach (Germany) at the initiative of L&R project patron Steffen Brenner. Salad greens and different types of vegetables grow in the raised beds built in the spring of 2017 and berry bushes, grapevines and fruit trees were planted in the existing garden. The entire garden is grown by the children who attend the daycare, their siblings, parents, grandparents and seniors from the community.

Are you an L&R employee and do you have a project you are passionate about that we can sponsor? Then become a project patron and submit it to CSS@LRmed.com!

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