L+R handdisinfect gel

    Ethanol hand disinfectant gel


    • comprehensive efficacy: virucidal acc. to EN 14476, incl. noro-, adeno- and polioviruses in 30 seconds
    • high skin compatibility
    • fragrance- and colourant-free, no silicone or silicone substitutes
    • complies with the recommendations of KRINKO1: no added residual active ingredients

    Instructions for use: Rub L&R handdisinfect gel undiluted into dry hands. Keep the hands wet in the given application time. Take particular care to wet the thumbs and fingertips well.

    Product composition

    active ingredients in 100 g solution:
    • 85  g ethanol

    Ordering information

    L+R handdisinfect gel

    Pack contentsREFShipping units
    100 ml347021/40 bottles
    500 ml347031/20 bottles
    1000 ml347041/10 bottles

    Fields of application

    • for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection


    • hygienic hand disinfection acc. to VAH/EN 1500: 30 sec
    • surgical hand disinfection acc. to VAH/EN 12791: 90 sec
    • bactericidal acc. to VAH/EN 13727: 30 sec
    • levurocidal acc. to VAH/EN 13624: 30 sec
    • tuberculocidal acc. to VAH/EN 14348: 30 sec
    • mycobactericidal acc. to VAH/EN 14348: 30 sec
    • limited virucidal activity acc. to DVV [German Association against Virus Diseases]/RKI [Robert Koch Institute], effective against enveloped viruses acc. to VAH/EN 14476: 30 sec
    • virucidal acc. to EN 14476; 30 sec.
    • does not contain residual agents

    To note

    • rub undiluted into dry hands
    • keep the hands wet in the given application time
    • take particular care to wet the thumbs and fingertips well
    • take care when using hand disinfectants
    • always read the label and product information prior to use


    • VAH (Association of Applied Hygiene) list, ÖGHMP (Austrian Society for Hygiene, Microbiology and Preventative Medicine) expert reports list, IHO (Industry Association for Hygiene & Surface Protection) list of viricides


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