Short Stretch Adhesive Bandage

    Lengthwise stretchable woven, 100 % cotton adhesive short stretch bandage for compression bandaging in phlebology. Fabric with porously applied adhesive is permeable to air and water vapor thus offering good ventilation.

    Short stretch bandages provides a high working pressure and a low resting pressure making them well tolerated. The bandage can be worn both at rest and during exercise therefore, the bandage can be worn at night.

    The bandage is also ideal for taping ankles, wrists, knees, and shoulders as it helps to support sprains and injuries in a joint area.  An elastic adhesive bandage can assist in keeping joints mobile thus making it an excellent choice for use in high stress sports.

    Furthermore, because of the high cotton content they are well tolerated by patients, making them very suitable as long-term bandages.



    2.5 m (2.7 yd) unstretched length
    Width REF
    individually packed in a cardboard box
    6 cm (2.4")30210
    8 cm (3.2")
    10 cm (4.0")

    Fields of application 

    • For compression bandaging in phlebology
    • For functional bandages in sports medicine
    • For support and pressure relief for contusions, sprains and dislocations

    Features/ Benefits 

    • Woven cotton bandage with porously applied adhesive
    • Permeable to air and water vapor
    • X-ray transparent
    • Lengthwise extensibility approximately 80 %
    • Latex free

    To note 

    • 100 % cotton with synthetic rubber adhesive
      (contains zinc oxide)