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    Medium Stretch Bandages

    All purpose bandage for a wide variety of applications; compression bandaging in lymphedema, dressing retention, and post-traumatic swelling. The bandage conforms well to body contours making it easy to use. Patients find this medium compression wrap quite comfortable.

    Ordering information


    5 m (5.5 yd) stretched length
    individually sealed
    6 cm (2.4")
    8 cm (3.2")
    10 cm (4.0")19462
    12 cm (4.7")19463
    15 cm (6.0")
    20 cm (7.9")19465

    Fields of application

    • for retention (e.g. of wound dressings, padding material, splints and cannulas)
    • for the support and relief of joints
    • for light compression

    Features/ Benefits

    • lengthwise elastic (approx. 130%)
    • textured, soft
    • permanently elastic
    • air-permeable
    • little creasing when applied
    • the finished bandage fits well
    • with selvedges

    To note

    • machine wash at 60°C