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    Upper Extremity Garments

    Arm (RW-UE-CG)

    • Double-sewn liner allows for easy, one-handed donning and doffing
    • Features a padded wrist and elbow to eliminate compression hot spots and provide additional comfort
    • Bilateral design contours to both left and right arms
    • Colors: Beige and Black

    Gauntlet (RW-UE-BC)

    • Provides coverage from the wrist to MCP and overlaps the ReadyWrap™ arm garment to reduce gapping
    • Left/Right specific design contours more naturally to the hand
    • Built in padding for palm and dorsum helps provide consistent compression over bony prominences
    • Pocket design allows for Swell Spots™ or foam pads to provide additional support
    • Colors: Beige and Black
    • Swell Spots™ sold separately

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    Fields of application

    Why Choose ReadyWrap™?

    • Simplify donning with ReadyWrap’s color-coded strapping system.
    • The 50% overlap mimics the gold standard of bandaging to ensure complete coverage.
    • Easily adjustable to allow for daily girth fluctuations.
    • Provide higher working and lower resting compression levels with low-stretch materials.


    • Arterial insufficiency or degeneration
    • Acute DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)
    • Untreated congestive heart failure
    • Untreated cancer
    • Untreated infection
    • Absent or severely impaired sensation
    • Allergy to materials
    • Severe or moderate peripheral arterial disease
    • Severe cognitive impairment