Dressing Kits, Cloths

Metalline® Cloths

In open treatment especially, thermal injuries and large wounds require functionally appropriate material to ensure positioning and gentle treatment of the patient. Metalline® large-format dressings and cloths are available as aids for a wide variety of treatment situations — from first aid to the care of long-term or permanently bedridden patients.

The specific characteristics of Metalline, such as its fine, soft and supple porous surface, which allows atraumatic dressing changes, make it eminently suitable for use in these indications.

The metallised nonwoven material absorbs blood and exudate, which are then wicked away through the porous Metalline® layer.

Metalline® Dressing Kits

The Metalline® Dressing Kit comprises a ready-to-use Metalline® Dressing and a gauze bandage in a sterile pack designed for use in first aid and emergency situations.

Product composition

viscose (stiffened with acrylate binder), top layer of wound dressing ist aluminised, polyester


  • a Metalline® Wound Dressing (35 x 45 cm)
  • a gauze bandage (6 cm x 3 m, viscose, cotton thread)


Metalline® Dressing Cloth

sterile, in a foil pouch
Dimensions (cm)REFShipping unit
40 x 60230121/100
60 x 80230101/100
80 x 120230111/100

Metalline® Bed Sheet

Dimensions (m x cm)REFShipping unit
2.5 x 73230501/20

Metalline® Cloth

Dimensions (m x cm)REFShipping unit
10 x 73230701/10

Metalline® Dressing Kits

sterile, in a foil pouch, comprising:
AnzahlComponentSizeREFShipping unit
1Dressing35 x 45 cm230001/150
16 cm x 3 m

Fields of application

Metalline® dressing kit

  • first aid and emergency treatment of large wounds

Metalline® Cloth

  • underlay and dressing of large wounds (sterilise prior to use)

Metalline® Bed Sheet

  • for placing beneath patients for open treatment of extensive burns, chemical burns and abrasions

Metalline® Dressing Cloth

  • to treat large injuries, burns, chemical burns and abrasions; in first aid and emergency situations


  • aluminised nonwoven material
  • reduced risk of adhesion to the wound
  • low-pain dressing changes
  • gentle and absorbent
  • permeable to air/water vapour
  • supple and soft

To note

Metalline® Dressing Cloth

  • the cloth has 4 ties for retention