superabsorbent wound dressing

Fully enclosed multi-layer dressing with very high absorption capacity for the treatment of wounds with high levels of exudate. Thanks to its especially soft nonwoven cover, Vliwazell® Absorbent Dressings are highly skin-friendly and gentle on wounds. Wound exudate is rapidly transported into the core of absorbent cellulose flakes, which has an absorption capacity many times that of gauze dressings. A special blue nonwoven layer on the back prevents the penetration of wound exudate, thus protecting clothing and bed linen.

Product composition

polypropylene, cellulose



Dimensions (cm)REFShipping units
sterile, individually sealed, box contents: 25 dressings
10 x 102032025/400
sterile, individually sealed, box contents: 30 dressings
10 x 203045130/300
15 x 203045230/180
15 x 253045330/240
20 x 203045430/120
20 x 253045530/150
non-sterile, 25 pieces in a foil pouch
10 x 103043025/900
10 x 203043125/450
15 x 203043225/200
15 x 253043325/200
20 x 203043425/200
20 x 253043525/150
20 x 403043625/200
sterile, individually sealed, box contents: 60 dressings
10 x 103045060/360
sterile, individually sealed, box contents: 30 dressings
20 x 403045630/180

Fields of application

  • for absorption of wound exudate in moderately to heavily exuding wounds
  • for treating acute and chronic wounds


  • superabsorbent wound dressing
  • integrated distribution layer for even distribution of wound exudate
  • a nonwoven clothing protection layer reduces the penetration of wound exudate
  • reduces risk of adhesion to the wound
  • is soft and flexible