Dauerbinde® K

    Long Stretch Bandage

    Dauerbinde® K & F with continued quality and choice.

    Long stretch and variable compression – these attributes characterise Dauerbinde®. All versions are used as supporting and pressure-relieving dressings for ligaments and joints. Long stretch bandages have a high resting pressure as a result of that they have to be removed when the patient is resting and at night’s sleep. Additionally, because of their easy-to-use characteristics, even people with little experience can easily apply them. These bandages conform well to body shape due to their soft fabric. Both bandages are washable and easy to clean.

    Product composition

    58 % cotton, 24 % polyamide, 8 % elastane, 10 % viscose


    textured surface

    lengthwise elastic (to about 170%)

    Ordering information

    Dauerbinde® K

    7 m (stretched length)
    Dimensions (cm x m)REFSC/TC
    individually packed in a folding box
    6 x 71059041/80
    8 x 71059921/100
    8 x 71059051/100
    10 x 71059931/100
    10 x 71059001/80
    12 x 71059061/80
    20 x 71059011/30
    in bulk in a cardboard box
    6 x 710590810/180
    8 x 710590910/120
    10 x 710591010/60
    12 x 710591110/60
    20 x 710590310/30

    Dauerbinde® K

    Dimensions (cm x m)REFSC/TC
    individually packed in a folding box
    10 x 141059071/30
    12 x 141059021/30

    Fields of application

    • for support and relief of the musculoskeletal system
    • for retention of dressings
    • for immobilisation of limbs
    • for reduction of haematomas
    • for compression with finger or toe lymphoedema bandages


    • high resting pressure, low working pressure
    • textured fabric
    • cream-coloured
    • skin-friendly
    • air-permeable

    To note

    • can be washed 15 times at max. 95°C
    • the bandage should be removed at night or when in a resting position due to the high resting pressure


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