The easy solution for self-care compression

    Why choose ReadyWrap?

    ReadyWrap adjustable compression garments with VELCRO® brand fasteners are designed as an easy to use compression therapy for patients with venous and lymphatic disease. ReadyWrap is available for lower and upper extremities in standard sizes.

    The benefits of ReadyWrap®

    Easy to use ³ with colour-coded VELCRO® brand short fasteners:

    • front-fastening short straps aid patient application and readjustment ³⁾, ⁴⁾
    • overlapping straps prevent unnecessary loss of pressure and ensure optimal use of the garment ¹⁾
    • low-profile design, allowing patients to wear their usual footwear ²⁾

    ReadyWrap® can provide cost savings associated with:   ¹¹

    • time saved due to quicker and easier application of the device, in comparison to compression bandages
    • reduced use of bandaging materials – ReadyWrap can be washed and reused over a period of six months
    • reducing doctor and hospital visits with easy at-home compression care

    Short-stretch properties ¹³ - therapeutic working pressure and well tolerated low resting pressure

    • positive outcomes for leg ulcers ³⁾, ⁴⁾, ⁵⁾ and lymphoedema patients ⁴⁾
    • effective in the management of recurrent swelling (oedema) and ulceration ⁵⁾
    • 50% overlapping straps prevent gapping and can accommodate changing limb circumference to reduce and control oedema ⁴⁾, ⁵⁾

    Lower limb garments

    ReadyWrap is available as:

    • ReadyWrap Foot
    • ReadyWrap Calf
    • ReadyWrap Knee
    • ReadyWrap Thigh
    • ReadyWrap Toes
    • ReadyWrap Extender Strap

    More information

    Upper limb garments

    ReadyWrap is available as:

    • ReadyWrap Arm
    • ReadyWrap Gauntlet

    More information


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