Metalline® Wound Dressings

    The use of drains requires rapid and appropriate wound care. With Metalline® Drainage Pads and Tracheo Dressings, the characteristic features of Metalline, such as rapid drainage of exudate, come to the fore in these indications. Metalline® reduces the risk of adhesion to the wound, thereby allowing atraumatic and pain-free dressing changes.

    Product composition

    viscose (stiffened with acrylate binder), top layer of wound dressing ist aluminised

    Ordering information

    Metalline® Wound Dressings

    Dimensions (cm)REFSC/TC
    sterile, individually sealed, dispensed by prescription and OTC
    8 x 102308310/560
    10 x 122308410/300
    sterile, individually sealed, for OR, outpatient clinic and medical practices, in a cardboard dispenser
    8 x 102308150/600
    10 x 122308250/300
    10 x 202308750/300

    Metalline® Tracheo Dressing

    Dimensions (cm)REFSC/TC
    sterile, individually sealed, in a cardboard dispenser
    8 x 92309450/600

    Metalline® Drainage Pad

    Dimensions (cm)REFSC/TC
    sterile, individually sealed, in a cardboard dispenser
    6 x 72309350/600

    Fields of application

    • for covering every kind of wound, particularly recommended for:
      • abrasions
      • burns
      • chemical burns
      • surgical wounds
      • as part of the initial treatment of wounds


    • reduced risk of adhesion to wounds*)
    • low-pain dressing changes
    • gentle on the wound
    • permeable to air/water vapour
    • supple and soft
    • good drainage


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