Rosidal® CC

    Latex-free cohesive compression bandage

    Rosidal CC cohesive bandage is easy to apply thanks to the Safe-Loc system. With this Safe-Loc system, the bandage is applied at full stretch; pull to 100% stretch, wrap and you're done.

    The durable short stretch cohesive compression bandage helps reduce slippage. Rosidal CC is not made with natural rubber latex, making it a good alternative for people with latex hypersensitivity.

    Product composition

    51% cotton, 39% polyamide, 10% polyurethane, with a hypo-allergenic synthetic microcoating


    Rosidal® CC

    Size (cm x m)REFVE (Stk.)
    10 x 6,0334991/24

    Fields of application 

    • to immobilize the limbs
    • for the retention of multi-layer bandages
    • for compression

    Features/ Benefits 

    • lengthwise elastic (approx. 70%)
    • the Safe-Loc system feature helps ensure safe application
    • cohesive helps secure the compression bandage

    To note 

    • sterilizable by steam (134°C)