Cellona® Cast Edge Padding

On the cutting edge: protection of pressure-sensitive areas

Cellona® Cast Edge Padding is used for non-slip application to all pressure-sensitive areas around the edges of plaster and synthetic casts. The padding prevents pressure points while at the same time ensuring wearing comfort.

Non-slip and adhesive

Cellona® Cast Edge Padding has exactly the same properties as Cellona® Padding. The product is self-adhesive due to the application of a skin-friendly adhesive over the entire surface.

Product composition

50 % polyester, 30 % polypropylene, 20 % backing fabric: skin-coloured, viscose


Cellona® Cast Edge Padding

2 mm thick, rolled in a cardboard dispenser
Dimensions (cm x m)REFShipping units
8 x 5508121/24

Fields of application

  • padding material for non-slip application at the edges of plaster and synthetic casts at all pressure-sensitive areas


  • increases the wearing comfort of casts
  • self-adhesive
  • skin-friendly adhesive applied over the entire surface

To note

  • free of latex, colophony and colophony derivates