Suprasorb® H

Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing

The Suprasorb H Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing is comprised of an absorbent hydrocolloid matrix applied to a breathable polyurethane carrier film. The hydrocolloid matrix rapidly absorbs exudate, forming a cohesive gel. In addition to the dressing’s excellent absorption capacity, the breathable polyurethane carrier film is highly permeable to water vapour. The combination of these features ensures an optimal moist wound environment, minimises the risk of damage to the healthy skin around the wound and offers a wearing time of seven days. The various versions of Suprasorb H (standard, thin, sacrum, border) cater for a variety of indications.

Product composition

polyurethane film with a hydrocolloid layer







Suprasorb H

sterile, individually sealed
Dimensions (cm)REFShipping units
10 x 1010883010/660
15 x 151088315/50
20 x 201088325/50
5 x 510886010/1650
10 x 510886110/480
20 x 510886210/250
10 x 1010886310/720
15 x 151088645/50
20 x 201088655/50
14 x 141088665/200
16 x 141088675/200

Fields of application

For the treatment of non-infected superficial wounds with low to moderate levels of exudate.


  • pressure and leg ulcers
  • 1st and 2nd degree burns
  • skin graft and donor sites
  • diabetic ulcers
  • surgical wounds
  • abrasions


  • excellent absorption capacity
  • breathable
  • ensures an optimal moist wound environment
  • minimised risk of damage to the healthy skin around the wound

To note

Frequency of dressing changes:

  • How often the dressing should be changed depends on the wound status and the amount of exudate draining out. The dressing should stay on for as long as possible. If there is any strikethrough of the wound exudate, the dressing should be changed right away. Change the dressing after 7 days or sooner if it is filled with exudate.