Cellona® Shoecast

Correct walking gait by wearing a dressing protection shoe

The Cellona® Shoecast allows physiologically correct movement in plaster or synthetic casts. The walking sole also protects cast against dirt and moisture.

Moving properties

The Cellona® Shoecast has high lengthwise and widthwise stability. It also moulds anatomically to the foot. The walking sole is abrasion-resistant. The high heel cup holds the foot securely in place. The hook-and-loop fastener crosses in the front and is infinitely adjustable.

Product composition

100 % foamed polyurethane, fasterners are made of 100% polyamide


Cellona® Shoecast

individually packed in a foil pouch
SizeREFShipping units
for children
Size 0, left (shoe size 32 - 35)508581/8
Size 0, right508591/8
for adults
Size 1, left (shoe size 36 - 38)508601/10
Size 1, right508611/10
Size 2, left (shoe size 39 - 42)508621/10
Size 2, right508631/10
Size 3, left (shoe size 43 - 46)508641/8
Size 3, right508651/8
Size 4, left (shoe size > 46)508691/6
Size 4, right508701/6

Replacement retaining strap with hook-and-loop fastener

individually packed in a foil pouch
SizeREFShipping units
40 cm (for size 0)5086810/80
90 cm (for sizes 1 and 2)5087310/100
100 cm (for sizes 3 and 4)5087410/100

Fields of application

  • walking sole to be worn over plaster and synthetic casts
  • protects cast against dirt and moisture from below


  • anatomically shaped footbed
  • high heel cup
  • hook-and-loop fastener crosses in front and can be adjusted as required
  • reliably stays in place


  • replacement straps can be ordered separately