Curafix® H

The elasticity of Curafix® H make it suitable for the retention of wound dressings on frequently moved parts of the body such as the joints and neck.

Product composition

Nonwoven, white, polyester, polyurethane membrane with skin-friendly polyacrylate adhesive (free of colophony and colophony derivatives)

Ordering information

Curafix® H

individually packed, in a folding box
Dimensions (m x cm)REFShipping units
2 m roll
2 x 101389461/96
2 x 151389401/96
10 m roll
10 x 51389411/48
10 x 101389421/24
10 x 151389431/24
10 x 201389441/16
10 x 301389451/16

Fields of application

  • all-over retention of wound dressings in difficult-to-dress areas of the body, such as the joints or neck


  • permeable to air and water vapour
  • skin-friendly
  • comfortable to wear