Suprasorb® P

PU foam dressing

Suprasorb P absorbs wound exudate quickly and efficiently, as the fine-pored PU foam material provides a very good capillary effect right at the base of the wound.

The material conforms to any wound base. The special surface structure of the Suprasorb P wound contact layer – the all-rounder in wound management – is gentle on easily injured surfaces like healing wounds. The semi-permeable PU carrier layer provides an adequately moist wound environment. The dressing reliably maintains its shape even after fluids have been absorbed. Impermeable to bacteria and water*.

Suprasorb P is easy to apply and pleasantly soft and comfortable to wear. Suprasorb P is available in four versions: non-adhesive, self-adhesive, sacrum, and Heel. The self-adhesive version has an additional skin-friendly adhesive edge.

* Suprasorb P non-adhesive







Suprasorb P

sterile, individually sealed
Dimensions (cm)Wound pad (cm)REFShipping units
7.5 x 7.54 x 42041610/100
10 x 106 x 62041710/100
15 x 1510 x 10204185/50
20 x 1515 x 10204195/50
5 x 55 x 52040510/100
7.5 x 7.57.5 x 7.52040610/100
10 x 1010 x 102040710/100
15 x 1515 x 15204085/50
20 x 1520 x 15204095/50
sacrum, self-adhesive
20.5 x 1814.3 x 12204155/50

Fields of application

  • wounds with moderate levels of exudate
  • superficial wounds
  • non-infected wounds
  • for all phases of wound healing, e.g.:
    • pressure and other ulcers
    • skin graft donor sites
    • surgical wounds
  • Wound healing stages:
    • Exudation phase
    • Granulation phase
    • Epithelialisation phase


  • very good wound healing due to reliable exudate management
  • high wearing comfort due to the soft, supple material structure
  • The perforated wound contact layer prevents adhesion to the wound
  • PU membrane repels bacteria and fluids
  • maintains a moist wound healing environment and thereby assists the natural healing process
  • the anatomical shape makes it easy to treat hard-to-reach areas such as the heel, elbow or amputation stumps**)

* Suprasorb P non-adhesive

** Suprasorb P Heel non-adhesive

To note

Dressing change interval:

  • To be determined by the attending physician in accordance with individual wound condition, degree of exsudate, and secondary dressing used, but no longer than 5–7 days. Change the dressing immediately when the wound edges begin to discolour.
  • Suprasorb P can be used as a secondary dressing with wounds at risk of infection within the scope of a regular antimicrobial therapy regimen.
  • When dry, Suprasorb P can easily be cut to the size of the individual wound. The dressing should overlap the wound edges by approx. 2 cm.

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