Sentinex® PRO Surgical Gowns Spunlace

The material with the look and feel of fabric and optimal wearing comfort

The Sentinex® PRO Surgical Gown Spunlace is impressive thanks to its outstanding wearing comfort. The product is skin friendly and breathable and is optimal for physically demanding procedures. The material also allows for efficient heat exchange.

Product composition

cellulose/polyester nonwoven (Spunlace), breathable


Sentinex® PRO Surgical Gowns Spunlace

GrößeDimensions (cm)REFShipping units
Standard with sterile wrapping, incl. 2 towels
S / M1201930044
XL long1701930332
Special with sterile wrapping, incl. 2 towels
S / M1201931040
XL long1701931328
Set Standard (sterile), 3x XL
3 x XL1501930812
Set Standard (sterile), 2x XL, 1x L
2 x XL / 1 x L1930912

Fields of application

  • single-use surgical gowns to wear during surgical procedures
  • minimise transfer of infectious material during direct contact between surgical team and surgical wound


  • fluid-repellent spunlace material
  • use of raw materials that are not made with natural rubber latex
  • abrasion-resistant
  • low-lint
  • sterile back section thanks to the special cut, folded specifically for easy application
  • the surgical gown “Special” has additional fluid-impermeable reinforcements on the front and sleeve areas
  • available with sterile wrapping