Suprasorb® F

Film Wound Dressing

Suprasorb® F is a self-adhesive, transparent wound dressing that readily adapts to any challenging body contours and offers high wearing comfort. The transparent film dressing makes the wound easy to monitor and protects fresh epithelial tissue from external factors such as microbes and liquid. Suprasorb® F maintains a moist wound environment and thus promotes wound healing.

Suprasorb® F is available as a sterile film wound dressing and as a non-sterile film dressing off the roll.

Product composition

polyurethane film, polyacrylate adhesive


  • sterile, cut-to-size film wound dressing
  • non-sterile film dressing off the roll


Suprasorb® F

DimensionsREFShipping units
rolled, non-sterile
10 cm x 1  m204671/16
10 cm x 10  m204681/16
15 cm x 10  m204691/10
sterile, individually sealed
5 cm x 7  cm2046010/380
5 cm x 7  cm20461100/1000
10 cm x 12  cm2046210/100
10 cm x 12  cm2046350/200
10 cm x 25  cm2046410/140
15 cm x 20  cm2046510/400
20 cm x 30  cm2046610/180

Fields of application

for the treatment of non-infected superficial wounds with low levels of exudate


  • arterial and venous ulcers
  • skin graft donor sites
  • post-operative wounds
  • abrasions


  • easy application
  • High wearing comfort
  • flexible and supple material
  • effective protection from external factors (e.g. bacteria)
  • impermeable to water
  • transparent film dressing allows wound to be monitored

To note

  • Suprasorb® F from the roll is intended for prevention (incl. of decubitus ulcers) and retention in wound care.

Dressing change interval:

  • To be determined by the attending physician based on the wound condition, level of exudate, and any primary dressing used, but no longer than 5-7 days.


  • Can also be used as a secondary dressing for wounds at risk of infection within the scope of a regular antimicrobial therapy regimen.