Rosidal® CC

Latex-Free Cohesive Compression Bandage

Keeps its promises: This short stretch compression bandage is the second TCS system component. Rosidal® CC (Cohesive Compression) is very easy to apply at full stretch and, thanks to the Safe-Loc system, no indicators are needed. The latex-free cohesive coating gives a secure grip straight away. The material is fine and not very bulky thus ensuring good flexibility at the ankle. With the short stretch compression bandage, feet will still fit comfortably in shoes.

Product composition

51 cotton, 39 polyamide, 10 polyurethane, with a synthetic microcoating


Rosidal® CC

stretched length, individually packed in a folding box
Dimensions (m x cm)REFShipping units
6 x 10334991/24

Fields of application

  • for prevention and treatment with support and relief bandages
  • for retention of multi-layer bandages
  • for compression


  • lengthwise elastic (to about 75%)
  • cohesive on both sides due to the synthetic coating
  • high stiffness
  • with selvedges
  • latex-free
  • cream-coloured

To note

can be sterilised with water vapour (134°C)