Rosidal® haft

Cohesive Short Stretch Bandage

Durable compression

The tried-and-tested cohesive short stretch bandage Rosidal® haft is now available as a product with improved quality – so that it is easier to use and provides more effective compression therapy.

Short stretch bandages are especially recommended for treating vascular disorders, such as phlebological (vein problems, e.g. varicose veins) or lymphological conditions (e.g. oedema).

With Rosidal® haft, the therapeutically necessary compression pressure can be maintained over a longer period. The high degree of static stiffness, i.e. high therapeutic and low resting pressure, ensures that this is well tolerated.

Functional: Support and Relief

Rosidal® haft is impressive thanks to its denser textured structure, also for support and pressure relief of the capsular ligament system. In addition, the selvedges now ensure a clean finish with no fraying.

Product composition

99 % cotton, 1 % synthetic thread, with microdot natural rubber latex coating


Rosidal® haft

5 m (stretched length)
Dimensions (cm x m)REFShipping units
non-sterile, individually packed in a folding box
6 x 5319731/48
8 x 5319741/32
10 x 5319751/42
12 x 5319761/24
sterile, individually sealed
8 x 5319706/36
10 x 5319716/36
12 x 5319726/36

Fields of application

  • for compression of the limbs in phlebology and lymphology
  • for treatment of oedema
  • for support and relief of joint capsules and ligaments
  • after sclerotherapy and venous surgery


  • lengthwise elastic (to about 60%)
  • textile elastic due to the twisting of the warp threads during weaving
  • reliably stays in place
  • compression is well tolerated due to the high stiffness
  • high compression is maintained over a prolonged period
  • with selvedges