Curaplast® waterproof Plaster strips

Product composition

Backing material: transparent, Film, adhesive-coated: polyurethane film, coated with a polyacrylate adhesive
Wound pad: white, with tan dots, viscose, polypropylene, mesh film made from polyethylene


Curaplast Waterproof Strips

20 strips in a folding box, individually and hygienically sealed
QuantityComponentSize (cm)Wound pad (cm)REFShipping units
12Strips2.5 x 7.21.9 x 2.51451501/196
8Strips1.9 x 7.21.3 x 2.5

Fields of application

  • First aid product for absorbing exudate and for protecting wounds and wound surfaces.


  • impermeable to water
  • breathable
  • good flexibility
  • adheres well
  • suitable for swimming and bathing