Suprasorb® P sensitive

    Silicone Foam Dressing

    Suprasorb P sensitive is a silicone foam dressing especially for sensitive skin61) . Its multilayer construction provides dynamic exudate management for an optimal moist wound environment62) . The silicone wound contact layer minimises the risk of adhesion to the wound and pain for the patient during dressing changes63) . The outer protective film is waterproof and repels bacteria, while also being permeable to water vapour.

    Suprasorb P sensitive is available in three versions depending on the degree of exudate: “border”, “border lite” and “non-border”


    heel (with super-absorbent core)

    sacrum (with super-absorbent core)

    multisite border (with super-absorbent core)

    multisite border lite (without super-absorbent core)

    tracheo (without super-absorbent core)

    Ordering information

    Suprasorb P sensitive

    sterile, individually sealed
    Dimensions (cm)Wound pad (cm)REFSC/TC
    border (with super-absorbent core)
    8.5 x 7.55 x 4.513906810/200
    10 x 106.2 x 6.213906110/200
    12.5 x 12.58.5 x 8.513906210/200
    15 x 1510.5 x 10.513906910/150
    20 x 2015 x 1513907010/100
    border lite (without super-absorbent core)
    5 x 52.5 x 2.513908010/240
    10 x 56 x 2.513908110/200
    8.5 x 7.55 x 4.513908610/200
    10 x 106.2 x 6.213908310/200
    15 x 910.5 x 513908710/200
    20 x 1015 x 513908810/150
    non-border (without super-absorbent core)
    5 x 513935010/240
    7.5 x 7.513945510/150
    10 x 1013935110/100
    20 x 1013935210/150
    15 x 1513935310/100
    20 x 1513945610/100
    20 x 2013935410/100
    sacrum (with super-absorbent core)
    17.5 x 1712.5 x 1213935510/100
    23 x 2317 x 16.513955610/100
    heel (with super-absorbent core)
    25 x 23.519 x 17.513935610/100
    multisite border (with super-absorbent core)
    15 x 1210 x 713935710/100
    7.5 x 9.53.5 x 5.514207510/300
    16 x 2011.5 x 15.514207610/200
    multisite border lite (without super-absorbent core)
    7.5 x 9.53.5 x 5.514207710/300

    Fields of application

    • For treating the following wounds:
      • acute and chronic
      • moderately to heavily exuding
      • superficial or deep (where necessary, for deep wounds apply a packing rope as primary dressing)
    • Indications:
      • pressure ulcers
      • leg and foot ulcers
      • traumatic wounds
      • surgical wounds*)
      • skin tears
    • upon medical advice, can be used as a secondary dressing for infected wounds and wounds at risk of infection
    • Suprasorb P sensitive tracheo non-border can be used for covering skin areas around tracheal cannulae and other drains.

    *Suprasorb P sensitive border and Suprasorb P sensitive border lite

    • Wound healing stages:
      • exudation phase, granulation phase and epithelialisation phase


    • Silicone wound contact layer is suitable for fragile skin.
    • Minimises pain to the patient and trauma to wound and the surrounding skin when the dressing is removed or repositioned.
    • Efficient exudate management reduces the risk of maceration and maintains moist environment.
    • Shower-proof.
    • Easy application with 2 or 3 liners, which allows to not touch the adhesive with gloves.
    • Great conformability in awkward areas.
    • Gentle on the skin.
    • Can be used as part of a prophylactic therapy to prevent pressure ulcers.**)
    • Saves time thanks to longer dressing change intervals.

    **Suprasorb P sensitive border


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