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Suprasorb® P + PHMB

For wounds at risk of infection and infected wounds.


  • reliable exudate management
  • broad antimicrobial efficacy
  • rapid and prolonged action
  • with a perforated wound contact layer
  • water- and bacteria-proof (from outside)

Fields of application

  • for wounds with moderate to high levels of exudate
  • for wounds at risk of infection and infected wounds
  • for superficial wounds
  • Indications:

    • leg and foot ulcers
    • decubitus
    • diabetic ulcers
    • surgical wounds

To note

  • Suprasorb P + PHMB can be used as a secondary dressing for wounds at risk of infection and infected wounds as part of regular antimicrobial therapy.
  • When dry, Suprasorb P + PHMB can easily be cut to the size of the individual wound.

Suprasorb P + PHMB with perforated wound contact layer impresses with its reliable absorption of exudate. The PHMB stored in the foam acts both in the dressing itself and in the wound at the same time. This is why Suprasorb P + PHMB is classified as a Class III medical device.

The material is soft and supple. The surface of the Suprasorb P + PHMB wound contact layer is specially designed to be gentle on easily injured surfaces such as healing wounds. The semi-permeable PU base layer maintains a moist wound environment. It is bacteria-proof and waterproof.

Suprasorb P + PHMB is suitable for use under compression bandages.

Time until a 4-log reduction3)

1. Suprasorb P + PHMB impresses with its highly effective broad-spectrum antimicrobial efficacy


  • highly effective against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria3)
  • reduces the risk of recolonisation1)

Suprasorb P + PHMB is also active against MRSA and VRE.3)

Reduction in Pseudomonas aeruginosa after 6 hours (baseline value: 6,350,000 cfu)4)Reduction in Staphylococcus aureus after 6 hours (baseline value: 5,100,000 cfu)4)


2. Suprasorb P + PHMB – quicker, more prolonged antimicrobial efficacy4)

  • effective in the dressing and in the wound
  • 99.99% reduction within 6 hours4)
  • can remain on the wound for up to 7 days1)

Suprasorb P + PHMB is significantly more effective after 6 hours than the comparable silver products listed below.4)

3. Suprasorb P + PHMB stands for reliable exudate management

  • longer dressing change intervals result in lower costs1)
  • can also be used under compression1)

Suprasorb P + PHMB demonstrates excellent fluid handling capacity (FHC).2)

Dressing change interval

Is determined by the treating physician based on wound condition and level of exudate. The dressing can remain in place (in situ) for up to 7 days.



Ordering information

Suprasorb® P + PHMB

Size (cm)REFShipping Unit (pcs.)
5 x 53454010/100
7.5 x 7.53454110/100
10 x 103454210/100
10 x 20345435/50
15 x 15345445/50
20 x 20345455/50

Report AMS OT50 rev.5, data on file


Report AMS LD017, P2412, data on file


Report AMS P2337R, data on file


Report AMS P2999R, data on file, relates to Ps. aeruginosa and Staph. aureus, effective for 7 days

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