Raucocel® Anatomic Nasal Packing

Ensures effective support after septo-/rhinoplasty. The version with a ventilation tube ensures a more even distribution of pressure and makes swallowing easier. The ventilation tube also provides reinforcement for the packing. Has a drawstring.

Product composition

polyvinyl alcohol, drawstring made from surgical silk, ventilation tube made from silicone


Raucocel® Anatomic Nasal Packing

individually sealed and sterile, with ventilation tube, with thread
Length (mm)Dimensions (mm)REFShipping units
805.5 x 12.51101510/240

Fields of application

postoperative care after septorhinoplasty


highly absorbent (up to 15 times its own weight)


virtually painless treatment

soft, elastic and supple

quick and easy handling

can be used to deliver solutions containing medication

To note

thoroughly moisten packing prior to removal

versions with a ventilation tube distribute pressure more evenly, faciliate swallowing and reinforce the packing