Cellona® Shoe

Mobile with a dressing protection shoe

The Cellona Shoe can be worn over plaster or synthetic casts, wound dressings, phlebological and lymphological bandages. The dressing protection shoe provides support, making walking easier and increasing patient mobility.

Adjustable features: two in one

The Cellona Shoe can be worn as a closed shoe or sandal. It protects the foot and casts and dressings. It can be individually adjusted using the hook-and-loop straps and can be worn on either the left or right foot. A pass-through plastic loop at the ankle makes it easy to fasten the hook-and-loop strap and obtain a good fit. The dressing protection shoe prevents slipping, providing a good foothold even in wet conditions. The materials used in the shoe allow hand washing at 30°C.

Product composition

outer sole (walking sole): thermoplastic rubber., inner sole: foam layer: polyethylene, cardboard layer: polypropylene/chloroprene rubber adhesive, sewing thread: polyester, upper: mesh fabric (outside): polyester, foam (middle layer) polyurethane, sewing thread: polyester, hook-and-loop straps: polyamide


Cellona Shoe

individually packed in a foil pouch
SizeREFShipping units
for children
P (shoe size 25 - 30)164711/12
XS (shoe size 31 - 34)164721/12
for adults
S (shoe size 35 - 38)164731/12
M (shoe size 39 - 41)164741/12
L (shoe size 42 - 43)164751/12
XL (shoe size 44 - 47)164761/12
XXL (shoe size 48 - 51)903471/12

Fields of application

  • dressing protection shoe to be worn over plaster and synthetic casts, compression bandages and supports


  • can be used as a closed shoe or sandal
  • provides protection against cold and wet conditions
  • hook-and-loop straps allow individual adjustment
  • can be worn on the right or left