OR Products from L&R

Unmatched expertise in your OR.

Our comprehensive surgical solutions offer you a complete range of surgical products that meets very high standards. Quality and functionality are the focus of our products – in this way we guarantee greater reliability and efficiency in your OR.

Protection and safety

Prevention of intra- and postoperative infections during surgery is the top priority. This means that products and materials used during surgery must meet stringent requirements. Patients and staff can only be reliably protected if all pathogen transmission routes are cut off to the extent possible. OR products from L&R play an essential role in helping to do this.

Cost-effectiveness and expertise

Our expert medical device and OR consultants, who have many years of practical experience, analyse your work flows and processes together with you and develop tailored, cost effective solutions.

Monitoring and quality

All our products are precisely adjusted to the customer’s particular requirements in terms of material and function and are subject to ongoing stringent quality inspections. We place great value on safety standards which, in some cases, even exceed the legal requirements.

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OR Custom Procedure Tray

Kitpack is an efficient OR system comprising various ready-for-use OR components. Aside from Raucodrape OR Drapes, Sentinex OR Surgical Gowns and OR Dressing Materials, other components such as drains, disposable syringes and cannulas, and suture materials from well known manufacturers can also be integrated upon request.

The assembled and packaged sets are compact, sterile, and ready for immediate use.

Sets are custom assembled based on the requirements of your hospital or medical practice, and tailored to the surgical procedure for which it is intended.

By using prefabricated Kitpacks, you will reduce preparation times and procedure costs – with full safety and the necessary flexibility.


OR Drape System

Innovative materials intelligently combined – that is the advantage of Raucodrape OR Products. The professional know-how behind every Raucodrape OR product provides added safety to OR team and patient alike.

“Stronger together” – At L&R, this motto is not limited just to being in close contact with users of our products. L&R focusses the know-how of an entire team of experts to continuously advance the development of the product portfolio to meet the needs of users. This ensures user-focused handling, outstanding product quality and excellent service.

L&R has systematically organised its range of OR drapes using following designations:

  • Raucodrape PRO: OR drapes for normal to very high amounts of fluid.
  • Raucodrape SMART: OR drapes for low to normal amounts of fluid.
  • Raucodrape: OR drapes for minor procedures.


Single-use Instruments

As economic pressure begins to build and time is of the essence, that’s when the use of single-use instruments comes into its own. Especially when the hygiene and safety requirements are particularly high. Sentina Single-use Instruments combine high savings potential with unrestricted functionality and take the load off your staff at the same time. And all of that in invasive and non-invasive applications.

If you want to play it safe in surgical procedures or wound management, rely on Sentina Single-use Instruments. Not only can they be clearly distinguished from reusable instruments, they also offer you safety and high quality.


OR Clothing

L&R has developed a comprehensive, smart portfolio of mix-and-match OR clothing. Every product group is designed to meet the requirements of its various applications. The specific cuts, range of sizes and versions make L&R’s OR clothing attractive and wearable for just about anyone.

For each usage scenario, L&R selects the appropriate materials and applies its extensive expertise in technical properties and manufacturing processes to combine them into a premium end-product.

  • for the entire team – from a single source
  • mastery in compliance with European standards
  • to maintain physical and mental performance


Surgical Gloves

Sempermed Surgical Gloves are the result of years of experience and wide-ranging knowledge of the materials. They are subject to continuous and stringent process and quality controls throughout manufacturing.

Even during the manufacturing process, allergenic substances are removed as far as possible from the surgical gloves – resulting in good skin compatibility. 

Specifically developed dipping formers adapted to hand anatomy ensure that the glove encloses the hand like a second skin. Naturally curved finger shapes and a widened back of the hand prevent symptoms of fatigue. The micro-rough surface ensures that the user’s grip is secure – even with wet surfaces – and prevents unwanted slipping.

Sentina® and Sempercare®

Examination gloves

The choice of the right glove can affect the health of the user as well as the health of the patient. The high demands placed on the product are therefore codified in European standards and guidelines: All Sentina and Sempercare are therefore certified medical devices pursuant to EU Directive 93/42 EEC and fully compliant with standard EN455. They are furthermore certified as personal protective equipment pursuant to EU Directive 89/686 EEC. This expanded definition of intended use allows the use of Sempercare gloves in many areas of application.

The requirements are extremely varied: Aside from offering protection against chemicals and detergents, gloves are needed to avert the risk of infection, especially from blood-borne infectious diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV.

Impermeable to fluids and chemicals, and yet elastic; ideally adapting to each hand without negatively affecting the skin or the tactile perception. Since no one glove can meet all these requirements at once, the choice of the most suitable glove for any given application is of great importance. The protective properties depend on the glove material, the substances to be protected from, and also the specific mechanical stresses placed on the glove. And not least, the duration for which the gloves are worn is also a factor.



OR Dressing Materials

Users today have to deal with substantial cost and performance pressures, and need to address both responsibly. With Setpack, L&R has taken these requirements into account. It offers the OR team a system which provides all required dressing materials efficiently and ready for use.    

Sliding box for dissecting swabs

  • greater safety thanks to optimal piece count check before and after the operation
  • specially designed for the handy removal of the dissecting swabs

Patented counting card system

  • double protection by having each counting card both inside the inner wrapping for sterile materials and in the peel pouch
  • makes swab count easier before and after the operation
  • clear documentation with self-adhesive counting cards

Inner wrapping for sterile materials

  • for gauze swabs and laparotomy swabs
  • user-friendly flap for easy-to-open packaging
  • quick and safe product removal


Gazin® and Toptex®

OR Dressing Materials, non-sterile

Aside from the sterile and ready-for-use Setpack Dressing Material Sets, L&R also offers a comprehensive portfolio of Toptex lite Laparotomy Swabs, Gazin Gauze Swabs, Gazin Swabs, Gazin Dissecting Swabs and Gazin Pointed Swabs (all X-ray detectable).

The products are used in the OR with prior sterilisation. They are designed both to control bleeding and absorb bodily fluids and for tissue dissection. The entire portfolio is made from cotton gauze and features an X-ray detectable contrast thread or chip.


Hygiene Products

In the OR in particular, it is essential to take the appropriate hygiene measures to protect the patient as well yourself . Every day, hygiene poses new challenges to hospital staff.

To handle these challenges, L&R also offers hygiene solutions which can provide invaluable support in your day-to-day work in the OR. See for yourself: