Pro-ophta® Ocular Sticks


Specifically developed for ophthalmic surgery, Pro-ophta® Sticks impress as surgical swabs with their excellent capillary action and high absorption rate. The sticks combine a high absorption capacity with the required rigidity. Pro-ophta® Sticks have bevelled ends. The material used is gentle to eye tissue: They are made from viscose nonwoven material with an absorbent cellulose coating. Pro-ophta® Sticks have been used to particularly good effect in eyelid surgery (entropium and ectroopium) and in eye surgery to treat strabism.

The specific properties of Pro-ophta® Sticks allow their successful use in microsurgery.

Product composition

highly absorbent white nonwoven material, rolled into sticks
with an absorbent coating for added stability: 100 % cellulose


Pro-ophta® Ocular Sticks

Dimensions (mm)Ø (mm)REFShipping units
non-sterile, in packs of 500 sticks
64 x 5516515500/25000
sterile, sealed in individual packs of 20 units
64 x 5516516400/1600

Fields of application

for absorption, dabbing, removal of foreign objects, fixation and retention (tissue-conserving preparation)

for use in ophthalmological and microsurgical procedures in ophthalmology


high absorption capacity

high capillary action

high absorption speed

retains firmness required for swabbing and dissecting out

bevelled ends on both sides