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Surgical dressing, sterile

Fields of application

  • for the treatment of postoperative, acute and superficial wounds and incisions and lacerations
  • lightly to moderately exuding wounds


  • breathable*)
  • skin-friendly
  • easy to apply
  • reduced risk of infection (uninterrupted adhesive along all edges)
  • rounded edges for longer adhesion
  • protects against contamination and mechanical influences

* tested for water vapour permeability

Curapor® is an individually packed, sterile surgical dressing made from nonwoven material.

Product composition

white, 100 polyester, polyacrylate adhesive (free of colophony and colophony derivatives)
absorbent layer made of polyethylene/polypropylene, wound contact layer made from polyethylene

Ordering information


individually sealed and sterile
Dimensions (cm)REFShipping units
7 x 5329025/100
10 x 8329035/100
7 x 532912100/600
10 x 83291350/300
10 x 153291450/300
10 x 203291550/450
10 x 253291650/250
10 x 303291750/250
10 x 343291850/300