Suprasorb® A

Calcium Alginate Dressing

The high exudate absorption capacity of Suprasorb® A promotes wound healing. The absorption of wound exudate causes the exchange of sodium ions with calcium ions, forming a gel. Bacteria and debris are trapped in the gel, creating a moist wound environment.

Suprasorb® A not only promotes wound healing but also offers a high degree of comfort due to its exceptionally soft structure and ease of packing.

Product composition

calcium alginate fibre





Suprasorb® A

sterile, individually sealed
Dimensions (cm)Weight (g)REFShipping units
5 x 52044010/100
10 x 102044110/100
10 x 202044210/100

Fields of application

For the care of non-infected superficial or deep wounds with high levels of exudate.


arterial ulcers

venous ulcers

diabetic ulcers

skin graft donor sites

pressure ulcers


high comfort due to a particularly soft structure and easy wound packing

ability to absorb high volumes of exudate promotes wound healing

conformability to any wound bed

binding of bacteria and cell debris in the gel

creates a moist wound environment

To note

Dressing change interval:

To be determined by the attending physician in accordance with individual wound condition, degree of exsudate, and secondary dressing used, but no longer than 5-7 days.

Advice for infected wounds:

Use an occlusive secondary dressing only if the physician so decides based on the overall situation