Pro-ophta® Eye Dressing S

Eye dressing

An elastic eye dressing with a transparent convex disk, the Pro-ophta Eye Dressing S is primarily used following ptosis surgery and for lagophthalmos and facial paresis. The disk is transparent and retains its shape. It can therefore be used to support the non-operated eye once anaesthesia has worn off. The Eye Dressing S is also used to treat sicca syndrome. The two disk sizes allow use of the Pro-ophta Eye Dressing S for a variety of facial types.

Product composition

widhtwise fabric, skin-coloured, 70 % viscose, 30 % polyamide
transparent disk: transparent polycarbonate, skin-friendly polyacrylate adhesive


Pro-ophta Eye Dressing S

non-sterile, individually sealed
SizeDimensions (cm)Ø (cm)Disk curvature (cm)REFShipping units
small10 x
small10 x
large11.4 x
large11.4 x

Fields of application

  • for eye protection
    • following ptosis surgery
    • lagophthalmus
    • facial paresis
    • sicca syndrome


  • transparent, rigid, unbreakable disk
  • allows regular checks of the eye
  • pharmaceuticals can be administered
  • skin-friendly adhesive — suitable for long-term treatment
  • quick to apply
  • available in 2 disk sizes