Other Hygiene Products

Useful aid for daily care



Dimensions (cm)REFShipping units
low in germs, 500 swabs in a foil pouch
5 x 4133531/20


polystyrol, transparent, empty, max. width of contents 10 cm
REFShipping units

Sentina Wash Glove

made from nonwoven material
Dimensions (cm)REFShipping units
15.5 x 2314008050/800

Ricosan Single-use Wash Glove

extra inside coating
Dimensions (cm)REF
22 x 1663742

Sentina Single-Use Bib

made from 1 layer of tissue and 1 layer of PE, blue, with spill pocket
Dimensions (cm)REF
60 x 4016429

Fields of application

  • for skin cleansing
  • for swabbing body fluids in case of minor injuries


  • white
  • soft
  • odourless

To note

  • low in germs: TAMC <200cfu/g and TYMC <20cfu/g