Pro-ophta® Eye Drainage Set

The Pro-ophta Eye Drainage Set is used to drain fluids from the operating field during surgical procedures on the eye. This involves placing the drainage strip into the eyelid. Fluid drains from the operating field of its own accord due to the high absorption capacity of the drainage strip. The self-adhesive fluid collection pouch included can hold up to 80 ml. The Pro-ophta Eye Drainage Strip is composed of low-linting, biocompatible polyvinyl alcohol and minimises foreign body sensation in the eye and eyelid.

Product composition

drainage strip: 100 % polyvinyl alcohol
fluid collection pouch: polyethylene with self-adhesive strip


Pro-ophta Eye Drainage Set

Capacity (ml)REFShipping units

Fields of application

  • drainage of fluids during eye surgery


  • drains up to 80 ml of fluid from the eye into the self-adhesive fluid collection pouch
  • very low linting
  • causes only a slight foreign body sensation

To note

  • for single use
  • do not resterilise