tg® soft

Tubular Padding Bandage

Flexible padding for any body contour

The tg® soft Tubular Padding Bandage supplies a secure and quick padding solution for large and small casts. It is especially well suited for use in focussed immobilisation. The soft, elastic tubular terry cloth padding adheres to the cast, allowing easy application of the casting tape for a custom fit.

Soft material for comfortable fit

Because the high-stretch tubular bandage is uncomplicated and practical to use, it is very easy to apply and its flexibility allows it to conform to any body contour. The fine-gauge knitted tubular bandage is suitable for undercast padding and continues to protect the skin for as long as it is worn. Its soft material makes it pleasant to wear.

Large or small: fits all sizes

tg® soft is available in three sizes. The different sizes can be used for casts on the arms, forearms, legs and lower legs in both children and adults.

Product composition

85 % cotton (unbleached), 15 % elastane


tg® soft

10 m roll in a cardboard dispenser
SizeREFShipping units
S for forearm, child’s arm, child’s leg132001/8
M for lower leg, arm132011/6
L for leg132021/4

Fields of application

  • for padding under plaster and synthetic casts


  • very elastic
  • easy to cut to the required size
  • soft and supple
  • conforms to any body contour
  • adheres to the cast
  • permeable to water vapour and air
  • skin-friendly
  • padding and skin protection in one


  • particularly suitable as padding for targeted immobilisation