Solvaline® N

Wound Dressing, low-adherent

Solvaline® N dressing pads consist of a highly absorbent viscose/polyester core covered on both sides with a finely perforated polyethylene film.

Exudate is rapidly absorbed through the perforations on the polyethylene film. Solvaline® N is low-adherent and thus allows virtually painless and atraumatic dressing changes.

As both the top and bottom side of the Solvaline® N dressing have a film coating, either side can be applied on the wound, increasing safety for both patient and user.

Product composition

Absorbent core: 80 % viscose, 20 % polyester
Film: polyethylene


Solvaline® N

Dimensions (cm)REFShipping units
5 x 5280000200/9000
10 x 10280001150/900
10 x 2028000250/1500
20 x 3028000325/300
sterile, individually sealed
5 x 5280004100/2700
10 x 10280005100/1200
10 x 2028000650/600
20 x 3028000725/300
5 x 528000825/2700
10 x 1028000910/720

Fields of application

  • for lightly to moderately exuding wounds
  • for wounds in the post-operative phase
  • for first aid, e.g., of cuts and abrasions
  • for 2nd degree burns


  • hochsaugfähiger Viskose-Polyester-Kern
  • polyethylene film perforated on both sides for rapid absorption of exudate
  • low-adherent: allows virtually painless and atraumatic dressing changes
  • film coating on both the top and underside allows use on either side
  • identical geometry of the sides ensures safety when positioning the film