Suprasorb® X

HydroBalance Wound Dressing

Suprasorb® X is a wound dressing for non-infected wounds that regulates moisture levels in the wound. Depending on the wound status, the unique structure of the biosynthetic HydroBalance fibres causes either moisture to be donated to the wound or excess exudate to be absorbed. This reduces pain without the need for further medication and improves patient quality of life.

The elastic and stable structure of Suprasorb® X allows it to conform readily to any type or depth of wound, making it particularly suitable for awkward parts of the body.

Suprasorb® X simplifies wound treatment with its wide range of use and ensures a better cosmetic outcome (scarring).

Product composition

cellulose, water





Suprasorb® X

sterile, individually sealed
Dimensions (cm)REFShipping units
5 x 5205345/90
9 x 9205315/80
14 x 20205325/65
2 x 21205335/130

Fields of application

For the treatment of non-infected superficial or deep wounds with low to moderate levels of exudate.


  • arterial and venous ulcers
  • diabetic ulcers
  • pressure ulcers
  • superficial 2nd degree burns
  • postoperative surgical wounds
  • skin grafts
  • skin graft sites
  • abrasions, lacerations

Wound healing stages:

  • Exudation phase
  • Granulation phase
  • Epithelialisation phase


  • reduces pain without the need for further medication
  • unique exudate management ensures very effective wound healing (regulates moisture)
  • high wearing comfort due to the particularly soft, supple material structure
  • particularly economical in use due to longer dressing change intervals
  • promotes wound healing
  • better cosmetic outcome (scarring)

To note

Dressing change interval:

  • To be determined by the attending physician in accordance with individual wound condition.


  • Should the dressing dry out, there must be adequate rehydration, with an application time of at least 10 minutes before removal.