Sentinex® Surgical Caps

    Comfort and protection for demanding situations

    Sentinex® Surgical Caps are tailored to the specific requirements and the different potential needs of personnel in OR and clinic, intensive care wards and areas with a high risk of infection. They are used by doctors, medical personnel and patients to prevent the transfer of hairs and skin particles in a hygienic environment. The universal fit and wearing comfort are critical for the protective effect of the caps.

    Perfect wearing comfort

    Sentinex® Surgical Caps are made from a soft and light nonwoven fabric. All materials used for the caps are skin-friendly and latex-free.

    The continuous dissipation of heated air and the light material make Sentinex® Surgical Caps easy to wear. They are an aid to the user when working because the caps do not restrict the wearer in any way. Some models are specifically designed for short or long hair.

    Sentinex® Soft

    • beret-shaped breathable cap
    • comfortable to wear with long or short hair

    Sentinex® Astro

    • safe full-protection helmet-shaped cap
    • with seamed edges
    • head and neck area are completely covered thanks to the tie closure

    Sentinex® Astro Extra

    • full-protection helmet-shaped cap
    • safe and comfortable
    • the integrated soft sweat band absorbs fluid and retains particles

    Sentinex® Fancy

    • specifically for long hair
    • has a large volume thanks to the central seam
    • the soft front area has no elasticised rubber band so it prevents pressure spots

    Sentinex® Nova

    • adjustable cap
    • the front edge can be easily folded back to form a sweat band

    Sentinex® Trend

    • precise and very comfortable fit
    • also suitable for long hair
    • elasticised neck area for long-lasting hold

    Sentinex® Flex

    • Surgeon's cap
    • for short hair
    • comfortable and very breathable
    • well suited for longer wearing periods

    Sentinex® Easy

    • Beret-style cap for everyday clinical use
    • covers hair completely and reliably
    • also suitable for patients and visitors

    Product composition

    viscose, polypropylene


    For short hair

    For long hair/for Sentinex® Soft: for all hair styles

    For staff

    For patients

    Beret-style cap

    With sweat band

    Surgeon's cap

    Nurse's cap

    Astro cap

    Ordering information

    Sentinex® Surgical Caps

    Sentinex® Soft, Beret-style cap, green, breathable17420100/600
    Sentinex® Astro, astro cap, green17421100/600
    Sentinex® Astro Extra, astrp cap with sweat band, green17422100/600
    Sentinex® Fancy, nurse’s cap with central seam, green17423100/600
    Sentinex® Nova, nurse’s cap with ties, green17424100/600
    Sentinex® Trend, nurse's cap, long, green17425100/600
    Sentinex® Flex, surgeon’s cap, green17426100/600
    Sentinex® Easy, green, beret-style cap17427100/600
    Sentinex® Easy, blue, beret-style cap17428100/600
    Sentinex® Easy, white, beret-style cap17429100/600

    Fields of application

    • surgical caps are used to reduce the transfer of hairs and skin particles among medical personnel, visitors and patients


    • tear-resistant and breathable surgical caps, made from low-lint nonwoven fabric
    • all Sentinex® surgical caps meet standard hospital hygiene requirements
    • use of raw materials that are not made with natural rubber latex


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