Cellacare® Achillo

    Active Achilles tendon support

    Relief for a sore spot: Achilles heel

    The Cellacare® Achillo active support is designed to help when the Achilles tendon is the focal point of problems. It compresses the Achilles tendon and supports the tendon region with an anatomically shaped silicone insert. It is used for the treatment of acute and chronic posttraumatic or postoperative irritation in the Achilles tendon region, for example in achillodynia, Achilles and sub-Achilles bursitis, peritendinitis, peritendinosis and tendinitis. It is also used postoperatively following repair of Achilles tendon rupture or partial rupture, bursectomy and after surgery on the Achilles tendon paratenon.

    Moving properties

    The Cellacare® Achillo compresses the ankle and Achilles tendon region and promotes circulation through friction. The special Lymphtec silicone insert encloses the tendon channel from the heel up to the lower leg and promotes targeted lymph drainage. In this way the active support helps reduce swelling and bruising. A less compressive fabric does not restrict movement and prevents constriction in instep. The active support has high wearing comfort because of the anatomical fit of the three-dimensional knitted support.

    Product composition

    cotton, polyamide, elastodiene (natural rubber latex), elastane, silicone, polyurethane


    can be worn on the right or left side

    colour: blue/black

    Ordering information

    Cellacare® Achillo

    individually packed in a folding box
    SizeAnkle circumference (cm)REFSC/TC
    117 - 19246601/20
    219 - 21246611/20
    321 - 23246621/20
    423 - 26246631/20
    526 - 29246641/20
    629 - 32246651/20

    Fields of application

    • acute, chronic, posttraumatic or postoperative irritation in the Achilles tendon region
    • achillodynia, sub-Achilles/Achilles bursitis, peritendinitis, peritendinosis, tendinitis
    • postoperative treatment following rupture/partial rupture of the Achilles tendon
    • bursectomy; surgery on the Achilles paratenon


    • provides compression around the joint and Achilles tendon
    • promotes circulation through friction massage
    • Lymphtec insert encloses the tendon channel from the heel to the lower leg and promotes targeted lymph drainage
    • regression of swelling and effusions
    • High wearing comfort
    • very skin-friendly due to the high cotton content
    • anatomic fit
    • fabric with reduced compression at the instep prevents constriction

    To note

    • do not wear during longer rest periods
    • washable at 30°C, do not iron, do not tumble dry, do not bleach, do not dry clean


    • if necessary, one of the supplied heel wedges can be inserted into the shoe to unload the Achilles tendon and provide further pain relief The other heel wedge can be worn on the healthy foot to compensate for the difference in leg length and thus prevent pelvic misalignment.


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