Comprehensive support from L&R in view of the Ukraine war

    Rengsdorf/Vienna, 24. March 2022 - On the (very) first day after the war in Ukraine had started, Lohmann & Rauscher (L&R) handed over the first aid delivery of medical products. This was followed by further donations of dressing materials and, above all, the release of an emergency aid budget, in order to support refugees, organisations in Ukraine and neighbouring countries quickly and efficiently. Due to its international activities and its locations in countries close to Ukraine, L&R is able to help where help is needed. A news ticker on the L&R website shows the activities.

    Since February 25, when the Russian army began its military invasion of Ukraine, the whole world has been looking towards Eastern Europe, both spellbound and shocked. Each new day of war entails terrible news about the victims of this war - dead, injured, displaced people in many European countries. The media report about a shortage of medical products in Ukraine: on the one hand because of the precarious supply situation due to the war, on the other hand because of the increasing number of injured people due to fighting. Additionally, there is a general lack of dressings and bandages in the growing refugee camps in the surrounding countries. At the same time, an immense readiness to help and donate can be seen in many parts of society. Lohmann & Rauscher (L&R), an internationally operating medical device developer, producer and supplier, also initiated donation deliveries very early on and continues to organise comprehensive relief campaigns. These support activities are in the tradition of the general sustainability measures that the company has been implementing in the social sector for many years.

    Medical product donations for partner organisations

    L&R condemns the Russian army's war of aggression in the strongest possible terms and declares its solidarity with all the victims of this war. Already on day 1 after the beginning of the war - on 25 February - the first shipment of donations left the central L&R warehouse at Neuwied, Germany, for Ukraine. The 10 pallets filled with bandages and hospital articles were received by the partner organisation Humedica e.V.. L&R has been working for more than 20 years with Humedica e.V. which has supported hospitals and projects in Ukraine and the surrounding countries in recent years. One and a half weeks later another 21 pallets were sent to Humedica and the same amount to the Austrian NGO Caritas for their humanitarian activities in Ukraine. Wolfgang Suessle, CEO of L&R: "At L&R, the focus is on people and the care of their health - this is also expressed with our company claim People.Health.Care. As a company in the health sector, it is important for us to take responsibility for society as a whole and and on a global basis, and to stand by those people who are in need through no fault of their own. This is especially true now for the people in Ukraine and in the neighbouring countries, who are caring for many displaced persons or refugees. It is important for us to help quickly, unbureaucratically and in a needs-oriented manner."

    Emergency aid budget for quick support

    The L&R group quickly expanded its support services and set up an emergency aid budget. This can be used to fund medical products in places of need, as well as other necessities such as food, clothing, accommodation, etc. The other support measures mainly focus on the countries near Ukraine where L&R has subsidiaries (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia). "We can use all our strength as an international group there. Our employees can help without detours or delay locally, in the countries where many refugees have already arrived, or in cooperation with organisations that are still in Ukraine. It makes me very proud to see what has already been achieved in just a few days, how great the cohesion is and how motivated people are," says Wolfgang Suessle.

    Latest activities presented on the L&R website

    L&R also accompanies these activities communicatively with a news ticker on the L&R website reporting the latest aid activities. For example, colleagues from L&R Croatia helped to set up refugee shelters in Zagreb and, together with Ukrainian refugees, prepared hundreds of acute dressings for wounded people. In the Czech Republic, L&R staff do not only help Ukrainian refugees with necessities such as clothing or medical care, but also offer them jobs at the L&R site in Slavkov, assist with the necessary official formalities for settlement and cooperate with the employment office. In Poland and Slovakia refugee camps and local organisations were supplied with medical products. But also in countries further away from Ukraine, such as Germany, France or Great Britain, employees collected important supplies for refugees. In addition, L&R set up an account for donations by employees, the proceeds of which also flow into the emergency aid budget.

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