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Raucodrape® Equipment Covers

Drapes and accessories


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    Raucodrape® Equipment Covers, sterile

    Raucodrape® Equipment Covers are suitable for all conventional imaging equipment as well as cameras and other equipment in the OR.

    Ordering information

    Raucodrape® Equipment Covers

    InhaltGrößeREFShipping units (piece)
    Chair coverØ = 75 cm3312430/120
    Control panel cover, circular80 x 90 cm3311340/160
    Control panel cover, circularØ = 90 cm3312020/80
    Control panel cover, circularØ = 120 cm3312115/60
    Control panel cover, rectangular80 x 145 cm3311225/100
    Image converter set, three-piece3315520/40
    2 image converter covers65 x 75 cm
    1 C-arm cover30 x 195 cm
    Image converter set, one-piece90 x 225 cm3311519/38
    Control panel cover, rectangular80 x 45 cm3312230/120
    Camera drape, telescopically folded13 x 250 cm1596540/160
    Camera drape, reverse-fold13 x 250 cm1596640/160
    Camera drape with ring15 x 250 cm3311920/80
    Camera drape16 x 250 cm3311825/50
    Armrest covers, 2 pieces35 x 73 cm3312346/184

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